The Dark Emperor Manifesto


On Story in Video Games


"Functionally, dialog-heavy extended gameplay monsters like Mass Effect bear the same relationship to visual storytelling games like Journey that a rhesus monkey does to a six-gilled shark: They’re related, if you go back far enough, and they share a few design basics, but their practical needs are very different."

— Richard Dansky, speaking truth about Video Game Stories

Free Film Class taught by Jeanine Basinger



If you’re a fan of Joss Whedon then you’ll probably want to check this out. If you’re not a fan of Joss Whedon, you should still check this out. (Jeanine Basinger taught Joss Whedon while he was at Wesleyan University. You can read more about their continued relationship here.)

Anyway, you can…

I just signed up. Starts next week.

Apr 6

Currently sans computer. Trying to get it back up and running.

Do You Want to Make Comics?


Are you an artist? Or a writer? Do you want to make comics?

My name is Kevin O’Leary and I am an aspiring comic writer and am working on my first comic series called Red Smile. (Red Smile info on the Red Smile tab on my tumblr page)

I am making it my goal to help as many people create comics as I can. So if you have an idea for a comic and want help with any of the following I can help!

-Writing, finding an artist, finding a letterer, financing a comic, producing a comic, or any other things relating to making a comic!

If you want help creating a comic email me at and I can help make your dream a reality!

Decided not to sleep tonight because iunno.

I was always taught to never trouble anyone and it’s beginning to trouble me.

It’s five in the morning and I’m not sleepy.

This is what happens when you nap for one hour at eight pm.

Today I was a poster-child for the ‘first world problems’ tag.And then I get mad at the inanimate objects for slighting me…but I’m not really mad at them, if you know what I mean…

Today I was a poster-child for the ‘first world problems’ tag.

And then I get mad at the inanimate objects for slighting me…but I’m not really mad at them, if you know what I mean…

This Morning:

  • Came out. Stepped in some candy the cats left on the floor.
  • Tried to go on the computer. Power source pin is broken. Laptop will not charge or remain plugged in for more than two minutes.
  • Thought I’d play Xbox. Turn on game — automatically logged out of Xbox Live for some reason. Try to log back in so I can play a game and the screen freezes.
  • Music gets loud while waiting for screen to unfreeze, so I go to turn down the volume. Remote is missing.
  • Try to turn down the volume with buttons on TV. Accidentally change the channel. Try to change it back — channel buttons suddenly no longer working.
  • Twenty minutes later, find remote in couch cushions. Channel/input buttons also not working.
  • Change batteries. Finally get it working. Play der video game.
  • Wait three hours for Chelsea to wake up (she’s been asleep for thirteen hours) so we can get going and do things.
  • Decide to walk to store on my own. When I put on my pants, stuff falls out of the pocket (even though I am holding the pants the right way up) and cuts my toe open.
  • I only just got to post this because when I finished with the first post my phone inexplicably shut off.

Stay safe, Californians!